More Locals Go Green with MowGreen

More Locals Go Green with MowGreen
New Clients Tap MowGreen.US For Quiet, Clean & Green Mowing

Fairfield, CT: MowGreen.US, a "pure-play" green lawncare company based in Fairfield, CT, added new customers today in it's growing green lawncare practice. Alyssa Israel and Denyse Schmidt of Fairfield and Black Rock hired MowGreen's expanding athletic reel-mowing team, motivated by a desire for lawn-care with minimal environmental impact and to support the green movement.

Alyssa Israel, MPH, CHES, of Public Health Consulting, also a volunteer on environmental committees in Fairfield as is MowGreen founder Dan Delventhal, came to know the company through their demonstrations at Fairfield's Earth Day Celebrations. She exclaimed to Delventhal at the last Fairfield Earth Day, "I've been meaning to hire you guys for a while, I think what you're doing is great!"
Delventhal notes "Alyssa Israel is our kind of customer! Even though she has a nice quiet, less destructive (than gas) electric lawn mower, she hired us in appreciation of the zero carbon nature of the reel mower."

L to R: Will Speno, George Shtern, Alyssa Israel, Matt Speno

Denyse Schmidt, of Denyse Schmidt Designs, LLC, and owner of a high end reel mower already, also learned of MowGreen through Fairfield's Earth Day Celebration. She saw them listed as an exhibitor at and thought "I knew this was where lawncare could evolve, finally! I have to hire them to help me keep up with my lawn!"
Delventhal is quick to praise those who invest in their own reel mowers. He explains, "I always appreciate it when people like Denyse show the insight and character to invest in reel mowers - I mean, talk about over-kill, like who needs an engine to cut a few blades of grass! MowGreen's charter is to support people like her to successfully maintain lawns with people-powered tools."

L to R: George Shtern, Denyse Schmidt, Dan Delventhal, Will Speno

MowGreen also celebrated the addition of two new partners this week, Will and Matt Speno of Fairifield. Delventhal and their Dad Gerry Speno, friends from Film & TV circles, had spent a day reel mowing together. Gerry noted afterwards "There's a good feeling associated with doing this work in a non-polluting way and a special satisfaction to physical labor." Then with a laugh he said,  "but you need young strong guys, how about a two for one sale - I'll get my sons Will and Matt!"
Delventhal happily reports "It's always great to see youngsters like the Speno brothers who are courteous, conscienscious, and hard working - reel MowGreen material, I tell ya!"

One may wonder why Delventhal, an executive, entrepreneur and actor spends time pushing a reel mower. "It sure beats walking a treadmill or pushing and pulling on some other health spa machine. I hate waste, and to exercise with no productive output seems philosophically inconsistent! I get my exercise walking barefoot behind a reel on an organic lawn. I like the exercise, the outdoors, the comraderie and good intentions of the MowGreen staff and customers, but most of all, I am hoping to fuel a reel-volution at the Grass Roots for a healthier environment!

About MOWGreen.US:
MowGreen.US cuts pollution, consumption, noise, spillage, dust, traffic, obesity and unemployment by performing and promoting reel mowing at the same price as "legacy/dirty” lawn care (10% of US fuel consumption and carbon emissions), while encouraging lawn reduction with native plants and organic gardens.
Established in 2007, MowGreen.US is in Fairfield & New Haven Counties & expanding. See www.MOWGreen.US


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