MowGreen.US Creates Double-Barrelled Reel2Reel (tm) Mowing System

Fairfield-Based Green Lawncare Business Successfully Tests "Reel2Reel" (tm) Dual-Gang Kit

Fairfield, CT: MowGreen.US created an industry first; recently testing a 38" reel mower system using their new reel mower gang adaptor called the Reel2Reel (tm), co-designed with the Harry Thommen Welding Co., who also custom-built the first proto-type.  The first Reel2Reel kit is compatible with Scott's Classic 20" reel mowers (and other similar units) and creates a 38" system while it overlaps 2" of each one. Units can be ordered at MowGreen.US.

Dan Delventhal Tests Reel2Reel Proto-Type Dual-Gang Reel Mower System

The third test time was a charm with the MowGreen Reel2Reel, as Dan Delventhal zipped through mowing his own lawn, 6,000 Sq. Ft. worth, in about 20 minutes. The test went so well, he rolled it over to his neighbors homes and mowed another 8,000 Sq. Ft. within the hour! Delventhal exclaimed "This gives new mowmentum for combustion-free mowing in the commercial sector; I did about $100 worth of lawnmowing in one hour, much like the big, loud, noise and pollution spewing, gas spilling "old guard" of lawn-care. Sure, its exercise, but who doesn't want to get in shape taking a nice walk in the sunshine while enjoying aerobics and low-impact upper and lower body strength training!" Delventhal explains that MowGreen.US, of Fairfield and New Haven counties, CT, and expanding, already mows over an an acre (about 50,000 Sq. Ft.) of grass weekly, the Quiet, Clean & Green way, and that he expects growth of the business to exceed 200% annually, especially with the Reel2Reel (tm) system, their latest innovation in pollution-free mowing.

George Shtern - First Tests of MowGreen Reel2Reel Gang System

George Shtern, with MowGreen since 2008, and a high school football player at Fairfield Ludlowe Highschool, was surprised at how easy it is to mow with reel mowers. "At first I was skeptical, when I looked at that first 6,000 Sq. Ft. yard we had to mow in 2008, but we did it with single reel mowers and it was smooth and easy. Now that we have the Reel2Reel dual gang system, it's still enjoyable, and I love getting paid while I exercise and sun-tan! I think it gave me an edge on the football field last season and I can't wait till this year!"

Dan Delventhal, continuity software executive at, environmentalist, actor, entreprepreneur, and MBA student at Fairfield University, founded the company in 2007.

About MOWGreen.US:
MowGreen.US cuts pollution, consumption, noise, spillage, dust, traffic, obesity and unemployment with reel mowing at the same price as "legacy/dirty” lawn care (5-10% of US pollution), while encouraging lawn reduction with native plants and organic gardens.
In addition to getting the gas off the grass, MowGreen advocates Organic gardening. Chemical pesticides, herbicides & synthetic fertilizers are petroleum-based products marketed aggressively to the landscaping industry, farmers and you. They are destructive and should be avoided. MowGreen wants to keep learning more about organic methods to avoid poisoning our soil, water & air unnecessarily, and hopes you will do the same!
See www.MowGreen.US, or call 203.209.5979.


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