MowGreen Couple Makes Reel Mowing History in Greenwich CT - 1.25 Acres, 3 Reels

Press Release 4/17/2010
Contact: Dan Delventhal

Greenwich MowGreen Sets Record for Push Reel Mowing - 2 Acre Lawn - 3 Hours

Uconn Students Natalie and Jack Succeed with Massive Reel Mower Proof of Concept

Fairfield, CT: Natalie Johnson and Jack Besel, partners at Fairfield-based MowGreen.US, cut the grass at a client in Greenwich, CT - a 4 acre+ property with 2 acres of organic landscaping, including 1.25 acres (66,000 Sq. Ft). of very healthy grass, the quiet, clean and green way.

Cathy Beauregard, Beauregard Horticultural Services, enlisted MowGreen.US to complement her Organic Landscaping.
Shown above at client site, Greenwich, CT in March before the grass growth of Spring.

They didn't use gasoline nor electric powered machines - they did it the new old-fashioned way, with push reel mowers. In an experiment to test the feasibility of today's push reel mowers for commercial lawncare, they were able to mow the entire lawn without engines nor motors. They had a little help from the MowGreen.US Reel2Reel(TM), which allows two or three 20" reel mowers to be ganged together for a wider cutting swath (38 to 56 inches wide with some overlaps).

Dan Delventhal, MowGreen.US Founder, Tests the Reel2Reel(TM) Dual Gang Reel Adaptor Proto-type

Natalie Johnson and Jack Besel, first connected with MowGreen.US to garner support for fund-raising they were doing for Greenpeace by running marathons. When Cathy Beauregard suggested that MowGreen.US expand to Greenwich to complement her organic lawncare at a client in Greenwich, CT, Delventhal hoped that this lawn could be mowed completely by hand, without gasoline engines nor electric motors. He found two very enthusiastic partners in Natalie and Jack of Stamford, CT and they met the challenge with ease, to the delight of all! While Natalie pushed a single reel, Jack pushed a double, and they found the 66,000 s.f. of lawn could be cut in less than 3 hours!

Jack V and Natalie Johnson, Replaced team of 3 Gas Guzzling, Noise and Pollution-Spewing Lawnmowers at Greenwich, CT client using push reel mowers.

Jack V, Natalie Johnson, Dan Delventhal - MowGreen.US Fairfield/Greenwich Team

Cathy Beauregard of Beauregard Horticultural Services praised the team of two science and business - major college students exclaiming "These two youngsters have the best quality consciousness and work ethic I could have imagined! And they are so pleasant - I want to adopt them! I was skeptical at first about testing reel mowers to more highly refine my organic lawncare practice at a property this large, but they have made me a believer! The lawn is gorgeous and their attention to detail is a supreme. Plus, when you consider the lack of fuel or electric power, it's an organic lawn/environmentalist's monumental milestone. I'll send you the picture showing how amazingly little equipment is actually required for this huge estate!"

Dan Delventhal, who founded MowGreen.US in Fairfield and has since expanded into Greenwich, Stamford, Torrington and New Haven shook his head and observed, "Nobody took reel mowing seriously for large jobs, part of why I created the Reel2Reel(tm) gang adaptor. I have dreamed of the day when we could take a shot at a 2 acre lawn - armed with only people power; Jack and Natalie have made the dream come true! They are just the type of environmentalist athlete/scholars we needed to further the mission of displacing gasoline-based lawn services (5 to 10% of our air pollution) with reel mowers, proving that it can be done on a large scale effectively. Natalie and Jack are two of my favorite heroes! I am also a huge fan of Cathy's, of course, for her organic work and for bringing us to this project. It shows how effective Daphne Dixon's Fairfield (and other) Green Drinks networking sessions can be - that's where I met Cathy and many other conscientious folk." 

"Jack and I are so happy to be working outside with nature, getting a great workout in the sunshine, And helping to beautify properties which haven't been poisoned with chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. With all this, its worth noting that the income is pretty good when considering options available to college students these days - doesn't hurt to pay the bills! And we have loved working with the smart and fun organic experts of Beauregard Horticulture Services, especially Cathy. With great associates like her and courteous and conscientious clients we are loving going greener in Greenwich!" proclaimed Natalie Johnson.

Jack noted, "The MowGreen.US Reel2Reel(TM) made by Thommen Welding of Blackrock, CT is really quite easy to push! I can't wait to try the Reel2Reel(TM) Triple adaptor! Reel mowing is great work, and I'm happy to report that after mowing over an acre, we're okay with skipping our "Cross-Fit Intensive Workouts" for the day - still staying strong and fit!"

9 Yr. Old at Go Greener Greenwich Eco Fair in 2009 Pushes MowGreen Reel2Reel(TM) with One Hand

Please visit MowGreen.US, exhibitors at upcoming eco-events:

"Tapped" The Movie - Greenwich Audubon Society, April 23rd

Wilton Go Green Festival, Wilton Library, May 2nd

Fairfield's Earthday Celebration, Warde High School, Fairfield, May 8th

About MOWGreen.US®:
MowGreen.US reduces pollution, consumption, noise, gas spillage, dust, traffic, obesity and unemployment with reel mower lawn services - at similar prices as conventional “dirty” lawn care (5 to 10% of US air pollution), while encouraging lawn reduction with native plants and organic gardens.
Established in 2007, MowGreen.US is in Fairfield, Litchfield & New Haven Counties in CT and expanding. MowGreen® seeks territory owners/partners to grow, offering extremelymodest licensing fees. Please visit www.MOWGreen.US, for more information, or call 203.209.5979.

About Beauregard Horticultural Services:
Founded by Cathy Beauregard, Horticulturist and Landscape Designer, Beauregard Horticultural Services can beautify estates with organic, sustainable, and expert services. Cathy Beauregard owns and manages Stamford MowGreen® and Greenwich MowGreen®.
Please visit for more information


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  • 4/20/2010 7:47 AM Diane Overton wrote:
    We use MowGreen for our lawn, and it's never been greener, healthier or made us feel so good about it's care. Dan and his crew are awesome, caring and meticulous! I highly recommend them and support their mission.
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  • 4/20/2010 9:51 PM Del wrote:
    That's grrrreat!!! What a feat! Congratulations to Dan, Jack, and Natalie - keep up the good work!
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  • 4/21/2010 10:45 AM Dan Menviorodoza wrote:
    Dan ,
    What a wild and grassy guy you be. I believe you've got a great idea going on on the that swanky coastal village!
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