Benefits of Reel Mowing - Detriments of Gasoline Mowing

6 to 10% of our Air Pollution comes from gasoline-based lawncare. The mowers and blowers create 10 to 25 times more pollution per gallon of gas burned in an automobile. An acre of grass mowed emits the approx. equiv. of a 1,000 mile of car ride!

  • Reel Mowing
    • Benefits
      • Low Impact Strength Training
      • Low Impact Aerobics
      • Quiet
      • Clean Air
      • No Fuel Required
      • Snips rather than Rips Grass - Better for the Grass
      • No oil or gas
      • Less cost for purchase ($125 vs $200 to $600)
      • Less cost for fuel
      • Lightweight (20 to 35 lbs vs 100 to 500 lbs)
        •     Healthier soil - less compaction
          •        No aeration services mandated
      • Less cost maintenance
      • Easier transport (fits in economy car, no trucks nor trailers needed)
      • Easier starting (no pull chord, choke, nor battery ignition to charge)
      • Higher Frequency Mowing:
        •    Less % of blade per cut
        •       Healthier roots
        •       Better mulching
        •       Fresh cut look more often
      • Doesn't spray grass on walks, driveways and roads
        •    Less cleanup required
      • Doesn't blow dust clouds in bare or dry patches
        •    Preserves top soil
        •    Cleaner air for operator
      • Easier Storage
      • Easier Sharpening (5 minute operation can be done without grinding wheel)
      • be continued

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