Reel Mowing Two Acre Lawn - Feasibility Testing Update

Reel Mowing the Two Acre Lawn - Feasibility Testing Update

Ultra Successful Grass - Final Stage Organic Program - High Speed Spring Growth Challenges Reel Mowing Adequacy

We reported earlier that testing push reel mowers for feasibility on a 2 acre lawn was a success, not only as an aesthetic and healthier alternative, but also as an economically and humanly possible achievement. Natalie Johnson and Jack Besel, two marathon-running, athletic and nature-loving college students had successfully mowed a two acre lawn with push reel mowers in 3 hours, including trimming and cleanup. However, as this lawn is in the final stages of an organic treatment program including over-seeding, and considering the healthy rain supply and balmy spring weather, the grass has thickened and taken off like nothing we have seen. Is organic treatment a superior alternative? Uh, yeah, this lawn is thicker and growing faster than any other lawn MowGreen has mowed to date. And it has now become difficult to complete a mowing visit in under 5 hours for two people. Uncle! We need power gear! Mind you we have dozens of other lawns that are easily done with reels, but this one has become a challenge. There are good lessons in this challenge; 1. Organic treatment, when applied for 3 years is the best alternative for maximum results, 2. Come on! Lighten up on the treatments, it's not as if we are growing food here!-), 3. Self sharpened ("grit back-lapped") reel mowers may decline in effectiveness, and 4. grass gets healthier and thrives when mowed by reels. The big surprise of this ultimate test of viability came when a new Scott's reel mower was deployed and it seemed to cut the grass "like butta " compared to the other older reels.

Some benefits of reel mowing are: lightest eco impact option available with no fuel and no weight to the equipment (less compaction), and low cost as well. It has a small transportation footprint which helps rid our roads of trucks and trailers and more emissions and traffic! So in going to power gear, we proceed with caution, opting to maintain a small transportation footprint and capital cost (although higher than reels, much lower than mongo units and trailers). Cordless battery powered self propelled residential oriented units may provide some relief. They are quiet like reels, yet the material mining for the batteries and power to charge them and the disposal or recycling of them has a heavy eco impact (better than gasoline - hello Gulf Spill!). MowGreen.US is unique in that it has converted gasoline systems to burn hydrogen, and has a source of inexpensive hydrogen supplied by solar power. Although these systems are loud like gasoline systems, they burn hydrogen and a little oil - lower emissions and less gasoline consumption and spillage! We tested a self propelled mulching residential mower units there as well. A problem with them is time consumed changing and filling tanks of hydrogen. Another problem we discovered was that this lawn was so healthy and lush that the 4 day growth also choked back the 6.5 horse power Hydromow rendering it less useful than the new Scott's 20 inch reel which cut better than any other reel we have seen previously. We believe it has been re-designed or something.

By using reels as much as possible, and by augmenting them only when necessary with small footprint cordless battery powered electric units and gasoline to hydrogen converted small systems. MowGreen hopes to remain as a viable alternative to the gas guzzing, fume spewing, gas spilling, road congesting fleets that plague us today - on a large scale, including lawns as large as 2 acres. If all our reels worked like the new Scotts we just tried out, this nightmare (for mowers) lawn could still be viable without the need for large power equipment. But the situation does obviate the counterproductive relationship between fertilizing lawns and mowering required. Always, the more you fertilize the lawn, the more money you need to spend (and often, pollution you need to create) to grow a non-food crop in a world tormented by hunger, no less.

Did I mention gasoline powered blower noisemakers? Well they ought to be illegal. We don't use them. We use quiet cordless battery powered units with fast chargers. They blow 120 MPH - that is good enough to move a little grass off the walks, patios and porches!-)

We look forward to more technological advancements like highly efficient reels, push and pull reel gangs, gasoline to hydrogen converted systems, and if we must, battery powered systems. Although lawncare is just 5 to 10% of our air pollution problem, we hope to make a difference environmentally and to spread the practice of fitness and philosophical consistency through reel mowing.

Dan QuiMowte, Man of LaMowGreen

http://www.MowGreen.US - Reel Mowing; Quiet, Clean & Green


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